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25,639 Siamese Rescued!

So you want a Siamese?

If so, the next question is whether Rescue is the right avenue of adoption for you?
For many years, Siamese Rescue of VA, TX, KS, CO and CA worked to place unwanted Siamese cats from owners and shelters into new homes, carefully matching personalities to the home. As of 2021, all the groups with the exception of Southern California have closed their doors. Siamese Rescue VA remains available to help with advice, mentoring and support for any Siamese needing help.

You can contact Southern California Siamese Rescue using the link on the right. You can also view all of the previous cats for the other groups using their links. Pacific Siamese Rescue was absorbed by Southern California, who will also have a new website later this year.

If you are interested in adding a rescued Siamese to your family, be sure to research the breed carefully. Look for a rescue group or shelter that takes into account the components of your household: family members, other animals, and lifestyle. With this information in hand, you want a group that considers the personality of each cat they are adopting out and whether that personality will mesh successfully with your lifestyle.

Siamese cats make wonderful companions, but they are not necessarily a fit for every household. They are smart, active, and can be vocal. They may be demanding, needy, and require a lot of attention. They are, therefore, not suited for a family without the time, energy and desire to focus on their cat. As with any breed, every cat is different. When searching out an organization to adopt from, look for a group that matchmakes the cat’s personality to the parameters of the home. Rescue cats often come from unknown backgrounds and may bring some baggage with them. They need a family willing to give the cat time to settle in, and then to be vested enough to work through any personality quirks and issues.

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