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All of the Rescue Organizations represented here are strictly not-for-profit. While countless volunteers willingly put in the enormous amounts of time and energy to aid this effort, all of our expenses, which are substantial, are paid by donations and fund raisers. Food, litter, cat carriers and transportation expenses eat up some funds, but most of our financial commitments are medical. While we have some wonderful vets providing low-cost services, many of these cats require extensive medical care because of abusive or neglectful situations.

We Can Move Mountains!!
Please consider helping us with this endeavor so Siamese are not euthanized unnecessarily. We have placed thousands of Siamese during the past 10+ years -- there is a home for everyone somewhere!

Please make our mission possible by making a financial, material or time contribution to the Rescue Center of your Choice! All funds are used for the meezers and their support, and are fully tax deductible. Thank you, in advance, for caring about the plight of these wonderful cats, and making it possible to save their lives!

Select the Organization you are interested in supporting either from the Navigation bar on the right, or the "Pick a Rescue" dropdown box at the top of the page, for more information.
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